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Tomb Hackers

Two explorers, in the year 2025, who are dissatisfied with their lives, go in search of an artifact from the 20th Century known as the Mind Shifter. After it's recovered, they soon realize that they were better off before they found it.

The Depression of Detective Downs

Detective Rolando Downs is having one of the toughest weeks of his life. His partner is in the hospital, his car is close to breaking down, and he has to solve a kidnapping case so a little girl can live to see her next birthday. All of this wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't also struggling with a bad case of depression.

Not Until You Dance

Not dancing isn't an option for one dog who's been chosen to be the Best Man at a friend's wedding. Finished with the ceremony and now ready to leave the reception, he's forced by the groom's brother to participate in one more activity--dancing in front of an audience. All those who were satisfied with assuming he couldn't dance may have a problem, though, because how can you judge something you haven't seen?

The Disarmer

Victimized in High School due to no fault of his own, except for his nonviolent stance and light skin color, Martin Datalis now seeks to save a dying city from its own badness. Masquerading around town in a black costume and illegally-confiscated hi-tech equipment, he soon realizes the complexities that come from living a double life. If that wasn't enough, he now must face a masked copy-cat who wants to unmask him and undo all the good he's brought upon the community. Can Martin, under his new identity, disarm his new foe while keeping his identity secret so as not to end up in prison with the very thugs he apprehends?

The Depression of Detective Downs 2

The award-winning sequel about a depressed cop who has to keep his mind focused long enough to be able to deal with the various issues in his life, including his own inner turmoil, long enough to be able to save a missing person.